Entrepreneurial attitude first and foremost

Talking about transversal competences is the fashionable “jargon” among articles and publications in the education sector. But if we talk about transversality, there are few disciplines that bring together as many skills and values capable of describing a successful professional as the word “entrepreneur”.

Being an entrepreneur has absolutely nothing to do with setting up a company or a business project. It’s not even about setting up a “start-up”. Being an entrepreneur is an attitude towards life; understanding “life” as everything brought to us as a result of the different phases in which it develops.

An entrepreneurial attitude has as fuel the confidence in oneself and as an objective any goal that we are able to set ourselves in the personal, family, or professional sphere. In between, and as a transport vehicle towards these objectives, are the competences and values on which we rely as entrepreneurs.

Perseverance, creativity, commitment, nonconformity, resilience, are just some of these skills that we consider “innate” in an entrepreneur. But nothing could be further from the truth, just as no one is born knowing, no one is born an entrepreneur. Educating in entrepreneurial values and skills from an early age should be like a child’s snack at recess: daily and nutritious.

If there is one thing that we are clear on in MBA Kids, it is that in Spain we are not working to provide our sons and daughters with knowledge and skills that lead them towards an entrepreneurial attitude.. This is not us saying it, it is stated in the latest GEM report 2022-2023* where our country is at the bottom of the ranking in this task, below the EU average and well below the average of comparable countries.

MBA Kids is a pioneering initiative, a leader in extracurricular entrepreneurship in Spain, which already has a presence in some of the most prestigious educational centres. For us it is about the satisfaction of knowing that for every school that our workshops are in, we are approaching values and competences that facilitate, to a large extent, a professional future that looks increasingly difficult and competitive. We also dream of “creating a country”, because it is in our hands (in those of the educational ecosystem) to change the yearly image of the GEM report, once and for all. That is our commitment as entrepreneurs.

*GEM Report (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) 2022-2023 https://www.gem-spain.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Informe-GEM-Espana-2022-2023.pdf

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