VII Pre-University Debate League CICAE - UCJC

First European debate league in English and Spanish!

The Debate League is a unique opportunity for students to train in public speaking and effective communication. An opportunity to foster critical thinking, socialization and entrepreneurship.

An opportunity to grow through debate


With more than 1000 students, with a simultaneous competition in 2 languages, with more than 40 schools involved and with an unprecedented deployment of technical and training means, the CICAE-UCJC Debate League has become the largest in Europe.


We work to make the League as enriching as possible, therefore, participating students will receive on-line materials to prepare the contents of the question of each tournament and training in debate, theoretical and practical, at the hands of the best professionals of the Debate Club of the Universidad Camilo José Cela.


Not only do we aspire to be the largest League, but also the one with the best level, for which teacher training is fundamental. All teachers and team builders will be trained in debate by communication professionals.


As a final incentive, during the course we will be revealing the prizes that will be awarded to participants, finalists and winners. A whole box of surprises to be announced in the coming months!

Participating Schools​


Silvia Jato

"There is no better word than the one that convinces you. Be yourself."

Vicente Vallés

"Just as Caesar's wife, in addition to being Caesar's wife, must appear to be Caesar's wife, in a debate, in addition to knowing what you are talking about, you must show that you know what you are talking about."

Nico Abad

"Remember that, as Paul Auster said, the key is 'form and coherence, structure, rhythm and surprise'."

Esther Vaquero

"Prepare your arguments and be ready to listen and understand your opponent's logic. To convince, it is as important to speak as it is to know how to listen."

Fernando Ónega

"To speak is the privilege of the human being; to debate is to seek reason and, with it, to find the truth."

Jorge Gallardo

"The best argument is the one you can't find on Google."

Jesus Maraña

"The ability to discuss is a barometer of democratic quality. Principles and arguments matter, but knowing how to listen is the best antidote against sectarianism."

José Antonio López Guerrero

"There is no better word than the one that convinces you. Be yourself."

Carmen Chaparro

"We always communicate with an intention. Seek it out. And then persuade - with all your weapons - your audience to think, feel or do that."

María José Sáez

"Believe in what you say but don't think you are more than anyone else. Humility is the basis of communication."

Raquel Martos

"Communication is the tool that allows us to connect our brain and our heart with the brain and heart of another human being."

Rubén Amón

"In the beginning, the verb."

José Ignacio Torreblanca

"Free debate among equal citizens is the essence of democracy. Your efforts to improve your ability to debate and deliberate will contribute not only to making you better people and citizens but to improving your country and your democracy."

Marta González Novo

"Public speaking, your vital and professional safeguard."

Sonsoles Ónega

Periodista, presentadora y escritora

«La palabra es la única herramienta que permite al ser humano explicar su tiempo»

Manuel Campo Vidal

Journalist, sociologist and president of Next Educación

«Debate is one of the keys to the democratic system. The contrast of ideas is fundamental and is an antidote to authoritarianism."

Lorena García

Journalist and Co-presenter of 'Espejo Público', on Antena 3.

«In these times of polarization, words and calm debate must prevail. A good argument, well defended and with great impact, is worth more than any meaningless circumlocution.

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