Start a journey through time to learn and discover, meeting historical characters.

What would you give to have Marie Curie at your school and ask her how her love for science was awakened?

What would you ask Cervantes if you had him in front of you?

Meet the Character offers you the possibility to meet historical characters in first person and discover how they lived in their context.

We come to your school and set up a fun and immersive activity, where you can experience with the characters and learn about their works.

Our objectives are:

  • Teaching by experimenting
  • Arousing children’s curiosity
  • Discover, investigate, entertain and excite.

The ideal way to motivate students working on projects.

Contact us:
Pedro Vasallo: 640 93 01 02

Mucho más que historia

You will be able to meet interesting people from different disciplines:

Science: Marie Curie and Newton.

Mathematics: Hypatia of Alexandria and Pythagoras.

Literature: Cervantes and Lope de Vega.

Art: Frida Kahlo and Velázquez.

Navigators and explorers: Isabel de Barreto y Elcano

History: prehistoric people, such as the Red Lady or the Menga man, Cleopatra, Marcus Aurelius, Isabella the Catholic or Elizabeth II.

Experiencia inmersiva

We prepare a high quality scenography in the auditorium, sports hall or large classroom in your school.

All participants enjoy 45-50 minutes of interactive theater.

The character then stops by each classroom for 25 to 50 minutes creating an immersive experience, in which they become the protagonists of the story.

Conoce al personaje

We bring a character of your choice to school.

Students enjoy an exciting and participatory classroom experience.

The character rotates through the classrooms. Each pass lasts one class (45-50 minutes).

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