Virgen de Europa School

Family school with 65 years of history in which the student is at the center of everything, no two are alike. Continuous IB methodology where the student is the architect of his or her learning through reflection, inquiry and action. Under a philosophy of active teaching and dedication to integral development, the institution not only has the mission to instruct from an academic perspective, but also seeks to educate in values.

Spanish, PAI, PEP, International Baccalaureate Diploma

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis, Skating, ...

Spanish, English, French

We attend to the singularities of each student (strengths and weaknesses) in a climate of educational community with a broad international outlook, leaving aside rigid patterns. We are an educational center with its own soul, where the involvement of families, education in freedom and the closeness of the teacher are fundamental. The center responds to a model of integrated education where the development of artistic and musical creation and physical education are essential for learning.

Our school is based on active teaching, cooperative learning, variety in the classroom and the use of new educational technologies. The classroom becomes a dynamic space where the teacher accompanies learning, stimulates, orients, points out goals and corrects mistakes, but the student is the protagonist.

As an IB World School we foster students’ personal and academic development, encourage them to think critically and transdisciplinary, and to ask the right questions. IB education also fosters diversity, curiosity and an eagerness to learn.

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Spanish, PAI, PEP, International Baccalaureate Diploma.
The results of the PISA tests are excellent. We improved in the three scales evaluated in the previous edition: in reading, mathematics and science we are well above the average for Spain. Our students have achieved an average university entrance score of 8.035 out of 10. 26% obtain a university entrance grade higher than 9 out of 10.
Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics (professional competition), Dance, Tennis, Skating (has professional competition), Volleyball, Athletics (has professional competition), Ballet, Paddle Tennis, Rugby, Football, Handball, Trampolining, Rounders, Table Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Roller Hockey.
Chess, Guitar, Piano, Singing, Choir, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sports Gymnastics, Plastic Arts, Technology, Dance, Robotics, Surf, Skate, Taekwondo, Ping-pong, Fencing, Trampolining, Music Theory, Aloha (mental arithmetic), Ballet, Theater, Netball, Coding, Cooking, Swimming, Zumba, Yoga, Cheerleading, Russian, German, Spanish, ‘Entrepreneurship’.
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