Swiss School Madrid

The school offers a multicultural, multilingual, personalized, innovative, quality education, internationally recognized and committed to the personal and social development of its students. It integrates technology and encourages creativity, critical thinking, responsibility and autonomy.

Swiss curriculum / "Lehrplan 21"

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis, ...

German, Spanish, English, French

Our students represent the heart of the school and receive a multilingual education with German as the vehicular language and Spanish as the second language. English is incorporated from 5th grade onwards and French from class 9 (equivalent to 3rd ESO).

Our educational vision is to educate well-rounded, autonomous young people, aware of their personal potential; people who are able to take advantage of the opportunities of the global and technological world.

Our methodology is reflected in the educational program and teaching materials. It is also supported by ongoing teacher training courses in Switzerland and a large number of Swiss teachers. At the College we follow Curriculum 21 (LP 21), which since 2019 is binding and mandatory for all 21 cantons in Switzerland where German or German and one other language are spoken. LP 21 defines the competencies to be acquired for all stages of the compulsory school cycle.

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Swiss curriculum / “Lehrplan 21”
German is our language of instruction. The Spanish language is taught according to the Spanish curriculum.
Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Tennis, Skating, Volleyball, Athletics, Ballet, Paddle Tennis, Fencing, Zumba, Modern Dance, Flamenco, Theater, Robotics, Computer Science, Video Game Design, Music School specialized in string instruments. Cultural and sports excursions with families during the weekends.
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