Santa María del Camino - International School

Private school, founded in 1968, non-denominational and independent of any particular ideological line. The center of our project is the child and his or her complete formation as a person with solid values and an international outlook. A secular school that transmits Catholic values while guaranteeing religious freedom. Small groups. Family coexistence, closeness, respect and affection among students and teachers. Safe environment where you can grow up quietly and in contact with nature.

Spanish, Spanish bilingual in English, PAI, PEP, International Baccalaureate Diploma, IB Diploma, etc.

Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Gymnastics, Dance, Skating, Volleyball, ...

Spanish, English, French

Private school, founded in 1968, non-denominational and independent of any particular ideological line.

The school’s mission is to PRODUCE A PASSION FOR LEARNING. Lifelong learning, in a changing environment that will demand our students to adapt and build different professional careers and life projects. A task that we want them to perform with passion. And the only way to teach it is to share that passion, to ignite the spirit of inquiry, to provoke it.

Our values are the promotion of creativity, a sense of responsibility, respect for the individual, integration of differences, a culture of inquiry and a critical spirit. With these values, each student courageously traces his or her own path.

Our educational project is multilingual: students are in daily contact with four languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English, which allows them – at the end of their schooling – to pursue university studies in any of these languages.

We offer comprehensive training, understood as a high level of education accompanied by the development of socio-personal skills. Our curriculum includes the promotion of mathematical and computational reasoning, scientific thinking, musical and artistic sensitivity and sports values. The school grounds are surrounded by nature and have extensive facilities to support teaching and learning methods.

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Spanish, Bilingual Spanish in English, PAI, PEP, International Baccalaureate Diploma.
We teach the continuum of the International Baccalaureate World Schools Programs: PEP (3 to 12 years), PAI (12 to 16 years) and PD (16 to 19 years). We also have a nursery school (1 and 2 years old).

Pedagogical principles:
  • Active methodologies: learning by doing to build knowledge and acquire skills.
  • Positive learning climate: Encourage collaborative work, with equitable roles, generating a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.
  • Personalization and pursuit of excellence: to offer and demand solidity and academic rigor, acquiring study habits and deepening of contents.
  • Arts project: to develop creativity, encouraging personal style.
  • Wellbeing Programme: importance to the integral wellbeing of students and to generate in them responsibility towards society and the planet;
Classical dance, flamenco and Spanish dance, batuka and funky; Musical language and instruments; Painting, lettering and creative illustration; Drama; Cooking in English; Robotics and programming; Chess; Languages; Skating, Boxing, Crossfit, Volleyball, Judo and Athletics Club.
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