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A single environment for management, communication, teaching and learning.

With more than 2,000 educational centers users, and presence in 4 countries, Alexia Suite Educativa, developed by Educaria, is the most implemented Management System (SIS) in Spanish-speaking countries.

It offers schools and school networks a single digital environment, coherent and integrated with other tools, allowing them to centralize all processes in a single environment. The management teams can carry out any academic or economic management process (including accounting); teachers and students, for their part, develop their respective teaching and learning activities; while families actively participate in the school life of their children. Similarly, Alexia has apps so that teachers, families and students can easily follow the daily routine.

We are committed to educational research and innovation, and we develop solutions that grow with the pace of educational centers and the most advanced trends. Both Alexia Suite Educativa and our research staff are certified in R+D+i by the Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española, S.L. (ACIE) and we have an Educaria LAB where we lead our own innovation projects.

Alexia allows you to carry out all of the center’s processes: evaluation, official documentation, enrollment, invoicing, sales, accounting, transportation, canteen, extracurricular activities, etc. Families receive immediate feedback, and participate by sending communications, requesting interviews, answering surveys…

It is aimed at improving the quality of education. It allows you to collect data, analyze and measure any process, make comparisons and obtain customized indicators.

It also has specific solutions for educational groups, which can work with standardized processes throughout the network.

The new teacher’s notebook is the classroom management tool that centralizes all evaluative items and student progress, and connects what happens in the classroom with other key processes such as communication with families, scheduling and classroom planning or official documentation.

From the Alexia Classroom LMS, the suite’s learning solution, teachers can create, edit and share units, tasks and activities, develop these sequences according to the teaching programs, create digital resources and share them, etc.

Alexia is tailor-made for each center. It adapts to all types of educational projects and is fully customizable and configurable, reflecting and enhancing the identity of each center.

In addition, it is an open solution that integrates with other tools, allowing all processes to be centralized in a single environment. It is compatible with solutions for schedules, library, quality, digital signature, school transportation, CRM’s and ERP’s for business management, such as SAGE, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. Also with tools such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Apple School Manager or Moodle.

Aulaplaneta, we believe in your talent as a teacher

Aulaplaneta, the education area of Grupo Planeta, facilitates the teaching task through the largest bank of digital educational resources, organized in curricular units and didactic proposals, adaptable to the needs of the class and that help teachers to prepare and teach classes.

With more than ten years in the education sector, Aulaplaneta defines itself as the teacher’s digital companion and has become a reference in digital education, being one of the main suppliers of digital educational resources for the Public Administration and for the educational centers of the country.

The evolution of AulaPlaneta is a consequence of the new educational reality, which in addition, starting next year, will have to face the challenges posed by the implementation of the LOMLOE.

At Aulaplaneta we have a clear challenge: in a world of continuous change, to train and accompany citizens of the 21st century, prepared for these changes.

To this end, we develop projects, content and innovative digital educational solutions capable of improving learning. Adapting to the teachers and their way of teaching, inspiring the students and making it very, very easy.

We offer a workspace adapted to teachers and students with more than 24,668 curricular resources to work with.

Bank of pedagogical resources 5º EP – 4º ESO, with different methodological approaches.

If we like to define ourselves as the teacher’s digital companion is because at Aulaplaneta we are by your side to help you boost your classes. Our personalized support service will help you to make using Aulaplaneta in your center a simple, intuitive and effective task, both for you and for your class. First, we start by listening to you, second, and throughout the process: we move forward with you and third, we help you prepare and deliver the classes in your style.

Monk is the first Spanish platform for standardized, adaptive, rigorous and simple assessment of mathematics in primary school.

Evaluates the student by obtaining his or her level of mathematical competence and a breakdown of his or her strengths and weaknesses in each of the competency areas.

  • Standardized: we use a scale calibrated to the Spanish population that allows us to measure the level of each student in a standardized way.
  • Adaptive:the test adapts in real time to the student’s level, allowing to know the level of each of the competency areas.
  • Rigorous and simple: results are calculated using scientific psychometric techniques that provide rigorous data. Testing is automatic and requires no additional work from the teacher and the results are provided in a simple and clear way.

Facilitates attention to diversity in the classroom through better personalization of teaching and learning.

  • Adaptive testing: evaluates the level of mathematical competence through customized problems for each student.
  • Attitude test: evaluates the student’s attitude towards mathematics (self-concept (perceived level), enjoyment and usefulness).
  • Dyscalculia test: assesses the student’s risk for the specific learning disorder dyscalculia. It is a preliminary diagnostic test that alerts the student to the risk he/she may be at.

Through the platform, teachers and school managers can easily and intuitively access all types of reports:

  • Monitoring of the tests.
  • Results of each test by class and student.
  • Classroom diversity report, showing the different level groups in the class and the strengths and weaknesses in each competency area.
  • Population percentiles based on the statistical norms of the level in Spain.
  • Graphs of evolution and progress by class and student.
  • Psychological attitude reports by class and student.
  • Improve teaching and learning of students due to better personalization and knowledge of each student’s needs.
  • Make better strategic decisions at the center based on data and evidence by knowing the educational effect they have.
  • Saving time in the evaluation of students.
  • Improved teaching due to detailed knowledge of students’ attitudes.
  • Early detection of special needs such as dyscalculia.
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