VII Pre-university Debate League CICAE – UCJC

VII Pre-university Debate League CICAE – UCJC

First league of European debate
in Spanish and English!

Speaking experts will give training in the participating schools

The Debate League is a unique opportunity for students to train in public speaking and effective communication. An opportunity to encourage critical thinking, socialisation and entrepreneurship.

An opportunity to grow and learn by debating


With more than 1000 students, with a simultaneous competition in 2 languages, with more than 30 schools involved and with unprecedented technical and training means, the CICAE-UCJC Debate League has become the largest in Europe.


We work so that the League is as enriching as possible, therefore, the participating students will receive online materials to prepare the contents of the question of each tournament and training in debate, theory and practice, at the hands of the best professionals of the Club of Debate of the Camilo José Cela University.


Not only do we aspire to be the largest League, but also the best level, for this the training of teachers is fundamental. All teachers and team trainers will receive training in debate, in charge of communication professionals.


As a final incentive, during the course we will reveal the prizes that will be awarded to participants, finalists and winners. A whole box of surprises that will be announced in the coming months!


Silvia Jato

TV presenter and model

“There is no better word than the one that convinces you. Be yourself.”

Vicente Vallés

Journalist and presenter of Antena 3 Noticias

“Same as Caesar’s wife, who must be above suspiction, in a discussion, more than knowing what is being discussed, it must be seen that it is known what is being discussed.”

Nico Abad

Presenter in Deportes Telecinco

“Remember that, as Paul Auster said, the key is “form and coherence, structure, rhythm and surprise”.”

Esther Vaquero

Journalist and presenter of Antena 3 Noticias 2

“Prepare your arguments and prepare to listen and understand the logic of your opponent. To convince, it is as important to speak as to know how to listen.”

Fernando Ónega

Journalist. Collaborator in La Vanguardia, La Voz de Galicia and Onda Cero

“Speaking is the privilege of the human being; to debate is to seek the reason and, with it, to find the truth.”

Jorge Gallardo

Co-director of Grado de Comunicación de la UCJC and deputy director of Espejo Público

“The best argument is the one that can not be found in Google.”

Jesús Maraña

Journalist, Editorial Director of ‘’ and political analyst at La Sexta, TVE and Cadena SER

“The rhetorical ability is a good measurer of democratical quality. Principles are as important as arguments, but listening the others is the best medicine against sectarianisms.”

José Antonio López Guerrero

Researcher and lecturer in microbiology at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Director of the Scientific Culture Department at the Severo Ochoa Centre of Molecular Biology.

“In social communication, the right to give an opinion should be subject to the principle of authority. Check your sources and avoid crossing the fine line between making knowledge accessible and making it too simple.”

Carme Chaparro

Journalist, writer and presenter of Noticias Cuatro

“We always communicate with an intention. Look for it. And then persuade – with all your weapons – your audience to think, feel or do that.”

María José Sáez

Journalist and presenter de informativos en Antena 3

“Believe in what you say but do not believe more than anyone else. Humility is the basis of communication.”

Raquel Martos

Journalist, screenwriter, humorist and writer.

“Comunication is the tool which lets us to connect our brain and our heart to the other human’s brain and heart.”

Rubén Amón

Journalist for the television channel Antena 3, the radio station Onda Cero and the newspaper El Confidencial.

“At the beginning, the verb.”

José Ignacio Torreblanca

Profesor de Ciencias Políticas en la UNED, Premio Salvador de Madariaga de Periodismo

“El debate libre entre ciudadanos iguales es la esencia de la democracia. Vuestro esfuerzo en mejorar vuestra capacidad de debatir y deliberar contribuirá no solo a haceros mejores personas y ciudadanos sino a mejorar vuestro país y vuestra democracia.”

Marta González Novo

Journalist on Hoy por Hoy, Cadena SER

“Public speaking, your vital and professional safeguard.”