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Our experience: your peace of mind. At LG we provide you with the most innovative global technological solutions in HVAC, Digital Signage, IT and solar energy to help you optimize and achieve your business objectives through advice and the development of your professional projects. #LifesGood

  • It turns the classroom into a multifunctional space adapted to new methodologies and educational formats. You will be able to create collaborative spaces and allow bidirectional and real-time communication between teachers and students regardless of whether they are in the classroom in person or virtually.
  • Write, edit, highlight and share content on the interactive screen. Compatible with videoconferencing systems so that students can also follow the class from home as if they were in the classroom.
  • Turn the auditorium into an attractive space where the message you want to communicate will be the center of attention. Use the latest LG technologies to get the most out of your auditorium by enhancing the experience of your activities and events.
  • Professional displays with LED technology that adapt to different environments, with more vivid colors and without distortions thanks to its advanced image processor. Indoor models with a pixel pitch of up to 1 mm with higher image definition that will better capture the attention of students.
  • Share information in an easy, fast and centralized way. With LG’s professional displays you will be able to have a dynamic communication with your students. You will be able to inform them of the day’s or week’s activities, news and explain hygiene and safety rules.
  • Displays integrated in special totems for outdoors and indoors. Outdoor totem poles are prepared to withstand extreme lighting conditions. It is a perfect solution for displaying a floor plan of the facilities and information about the center.
  • Ultra-panoramic displays with a unique 32:9 and 58:9 format allow you extraordinary flexibility to communicate information and make the most of the space in your center. You can simultaneously display up to 4 different contents at the same time.

Global technology partner

SEMIC is a 360º technology partner specialized in technologies for Education. Our ecosystem of leading partners in the education sector will support you in your digital transformation project, advising you on both hardware and software.
SEMIC is an officially certified partner for Microsoft, Google and Apple environments. We have experience in managing users, licenses and devices that make life easier for students, teachers and ICT/TAC coordinators.

  • Multi-manufacturing partner with certifications of the highest level.
  • Official technical service of the main manufacturers.
  • 40 years of experience in the IT sector and an exclusive Education team with in-depth knowledge of the sector.
  • Multidisciplinary team of more than 400 employees in 10 locations and 130 service points.

What is our objective?

1. Accompany you in the diagnosis of needs. To understand how your school works and help you define together your digital transformation project.
2. Develop and implement customized technological solutions.
3. To be at your side in the maintenance and continuous improvement of your center. To offer you quality training to optimize your digital skills and get the most out of the technology implemented.

With certifications in environment, quality, service management and safety, we are a socially responsible company that acts through the principles of ethical business behavior, placing ourselves at the side of educational centers to design together the education of the future, always putting students and professionals at the center of the projects.

At SEMIC we can provide you with specific devices for Education that are resistant, powerful and with long battery life. We help you with the configuration and deployment of your platform, moving your organizational structure to the digital world, managing identities, equipment and licensing.

We provide specific insurance for educational devices, with replacement equipment and extensions for breakage, accident or theft. Do you want to take the hassle out of implementation and keep your team members up to date? Rely on our EduWorkplace solution, a service as a Service in which you pay monthly fees for the parameterization of the platform, technical service and training sessions on new features. In addition, with financing options and our customized eCommerce development, your center’s families will be able to purchase their devices directly, making logistics easier and worry-free for the center.

It exploits a world of possibilities with classrooms that promote pedagogical changes and that adapt to the needs of students and teachers for the use of active methodologies. Technology, teacher training, space distribution and visual creativity: 4 major axes of a classroom of the future that will allow, through immersive education, to promote interactive, enjoyable and fun classes.

Robotics, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality, audiovisuals, networks and hyperconnectivity, cloud services… everything you need to implement complete and dynamic learning spaces.

Our business consultants know about education. Tell us your objectives and your needs, and we will accompany you in the process of creating your project and implementing it. How do we do it? We assess your competencies and analyze your needs; we design a customized training program; we agree on and deliver it; and finally, we accompany you on the road to achieving the manufacturer certification of your choice.

We can offer you tailor-made training, a la carte or Boot Camps, intensive trainings that aim to achieve a certification.

We accompany you from start to finish throughout your digital transformation process, listening to you and helping you in the detection of needs, implementation and monitoring.

Goldenmac EDU K-tuin Group: Specialists in Apple solutions for the educational world.

Our educational department is formed by a team of professionals capable of creating, designing and implementing educational technology projects in schools anywhere in Spain. Educational centers need a planned project to acquire and implement new technology, a solid infrastructure to support it, and trained personnel to obtain the maximum possible benefits from it. Goldenmac EDU offers you professional support in your path towards innovation to make technology work and expand the possibilities in both teaching and learning, thus obtaining extraordinary results.

We want the use of Apple technology in your facility to be as simple and intuitive as the products themselves. That is why at Goldenmac we have developed a set of IT services supported by a professional and specialized technical team that achieves a highly satisfactory implementation experience for our customers.

Professional training should not be viewed in isolation. If you want to maximize the impact of your implementation, it is essential to develop a long-term training strategy. By working closely with the leadership teams, we can ensure that you achieve your academic goals by leveraging available technology and resources.

In every educational project we study together with the center all the options to approach the necessary fundraising, via Institution through Leasing or Renting or customized solutions for specific requirements, such as the contribution of the Families in the totality of the project or in part. We will include all the necessary equipment and we will value the repurchase of the obsolete equipment.

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