Responsible feeding

Collective restoration

Ausolan is a 100% state-owned business group, leader in the collective catering sector, belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation. More than fifty years of history preparing and distributing meals to companies, schools, hospitals, and residences among others; as well as offering professional services in the field of cleaning and event organization.

Ausolan’s school canteens are an educational opportunity where children learn, integrate, play and socialize with each other on an equal basis. All this within a framework that guarantees a healthy daily diet. Because, in addition to promoting healthy eating habits through the preparation of an adapted and balanced school menu, they teach – every day – the importance of eating everything. All of this is reinforced with activities that teach the importance of being responsible with the environment, promoting recycling in the dining room, or the importance of daily physical exercise – encouraging children to play in the playground or with directed activities.

In addition, through food, children are taught to travel around the world, learn about cultures, habitats, customs… promoting the importance of being more tolerant and considering difference as a virtue and an element of enrichment.

From this perspective, lunchtime is used to develop an educational project through different fun and elaborate, educational and playful activities, in which children and young people learn through play while developing basic emotional and social skills, in order to grow up in a healthy and fun environment.

Ausolan’s value also lies in its socio-business project which, inspired by cooperative values, promotes the development and participation of those who are part of it, generating enthusiasm and commitment.

Our growthWith a staff of approximately 13,000 employees, we serve more than 260,000 menus daily, serve more than 2,100 customers, and last year achieved a turnover of approximately 256 million euros.

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