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Smile and Learn. 360º customizable education

Used in more than 3,500 schools worldwide, Smile and Learn is a customizable educational platform for students ages 3 to 12 to learn while having fun. Its more than 12,500 activities have been carefully designed by educators and cover all curricular content and much more: from the development of key competencies to 21st century skills such as programming or yoga.

The platform is available in six languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese and Italian), allowing for an immersive learning experience in which students learn one language while working on other subjects.

In addition, Smile and Learn allows the teacher to track student usage and progress through access to reports and analytics.

You will also be able to customize the entire experience to the unique needs of each center and student, paying special attention to students with NEE. For example, by creating personalized learning paths or modifying aspects such as the pace of play, difficulty, font type or the inclusion of pictograms.


Lifecole is an online school of extracurricular education in new technologies and STEAM education, focused on children from 6 to 18 years old. We offer a wide range of content, through the students’ favorite subjects, with curricular content on programming, Artificial Intelligence, video game development and multimedia creation, among others.

Our school has an innovative educational model that integrates curricular plans, transversal competencies, and vocational development, along with a great social and creative environment for our students, families and educators. With economic advantages for educational centers, flexible schedules, no need to consolidate entire groups, and with new starts every month

Online extracurricular activities, which are carried out from anywhere, in very small groups, evolving from their favorite subjects:

  • Artificial Intelligence and multimedia creations.
  • Programming and development of video games with Minecraft.
  • Programming and development of video games with Roblox.
  • Programming and development of video games with Unity.
  • Illustration, comics and graphic narrative.

Be an innovative center, with a full range of possibilities in extracurricular activities in new technologies and digital skills:

No need to have large groups: We can provide a star offer in digital education, with great flexibility to form groups (with students from the center and from other centers), and with starts every month.

Management and operations from Lifecole: All management is done from Lifecole’s online platform, for your convenience.

Very advantageous conditions for your families: We have special advantageous prices and free services for collaborating educational entities.

Students and their families need to understand the society in which they live, and see the possibilities and pathways available to them. Especially now, with the multiple challenges and opportunities that arise with the new AIs, with a view to their future.

Through webinars and online workshops, students and families will learn to understand the challenges of the digital world, and learn together how to overcome them. We have topics such as “Artificial Intelligence in education and the family”, “Digital reconciliation in the family”, or “Security and privacy with new technologies”.

Start a journey through time to learn and discover, meeting historical characters.

What would you give to have Marie Curie in your school and ask her how her love for science was awakened?

What would you ask Cervantes if you had him in front of you?

Meet the Character offers you the possibility to meet historical characters in first person and discover how they lived in their context.

We come to your school and set up a fun and immersive activity, where you can experience with the characters and learn about their works.

Our objectives are:

  • Teaching by experimenting
  • Arousing children’s curiosity
  • Discover, investigate, entertain and excite.

The ideal way to motivate students working on projects.

Contact us:
Pedro Vasallo: 640 93 01 02

You will be able to meet interesting people from different disciplines:

Science: Marie Curie and Newton.

Mathematics: Hypatia of Alexandria and Pythagoras.

Literature: Cervantes and Lope de Vega.

Art: Frida Kahlo and Velázquez.

Navigators and explorers: Isabel de Barreto y Elcano

History: prehistoric people, such as the Red Lady or the Menga man, Cleopatra, Marcus Aurelius, Isabella the Catholic or Elizabeth II.

We prepare a high quality scenography in the auditorium, sports hall or large classroom in your school.

All participants enjoy 45-50 minutes of interactive theater.

The character then stops by each classroom for 25 to 50 minutes creating an immersive experience, in which they become the protagonists of the story.

We bring a character of your choice to school.

Students enjoy an exciting and participatory classroom experience.

The character rotates through the classrooms. Each pass lasts one class (45-50 minutes).

Leader in workshops and entrepreneurship programs for children.

MBA Kids is the first business school for children, a differentiating and prestigious partner for schools. Through disruptive and highly transformative extracurricular workshops, we aim to sow values and skills that will turn our sons and daughters into better professionals in an increasingly competitive future.

We offer collaborating schools a range of workshops, for ages 7 to 12, based on business skills and values, as well as customized training and entrepreneurship programs. All the workshops in the MBA Kids catalog have been developed in collaboration with renowned professionals in each area, with contributions from senior business executives. Fun, innovation in the materials that form part of the methodology and the involvement of families are some of the keys to the success of MBA Kids.

MBA Kids’ commitment to entrepreneurship and the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture has led this pioneering educational project to great growth and recognition. We meet an existing demand from families who want their children to acquire skills that are transversal for life, but which are also fundamental for a better professional future. In addition, the co-branding of MBA Kids with the educational center becomes a differential value and prestige compared to other centers that do not have programs of this type.

Taller Despega: this is our flagship workshop to intensely live the MBA Kids experience; Students develop a product and a company from scratch, starting from the knowledge of the raw material, generating a brand, developing a marketing plan and ending in a spectacular business fair with stands where each team will sell their products and the families become the visitors of the fair.

Financial Thinking Workshop: innovative workshop created in collaboration with CNMV educator and with a technological component (NFC wristbands). The objective is to teach basic financial concepts through incredible games and dynamics that help in the future management of personal finances, encouraging creativity, planning and organization.

Failure Management Workshop: a workshop that works on emotions and frustration in a totally disruptive and impactful way. Launch in June 2023.

  • Co-branding MBA Kids – Centro Educativo
  • Exclusivity in the zone, according to the area of influence of the center.
  • Material, teachers and everything necessary for the organization and execution of the workshops.
  • School fee per enrollment (special conditions for CICAE schools)
  • Spaces for workshops
  • Support in communication and recruitment of students

Making a universal dream come true

Did you know that PortAventura World was born in 1995 with the aim of making a universal dream come true? Show the most fascinating places in the world from one place. Here you can live the adventure of traveling through 6 thematic areas as an intrepid adventurer, be amazed by their respective cultures and admire the most amazing monuments and landscapes of the planet. Since then, almost 5 million schoolchildren have chosen PortAventura World as a destination for their excursions and end-of-year trips.

As a company committed to society, PortAventura World has implemented a roadmap based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations and its commitment to the World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. Throughout more than 25 years of commitment to the environment and schools, at PortAventura World we have achieved important objectives guided by our commitment to care for the environment. Discover our free PortAventura EcoEduca workshops and our “Make your world more sustainable” contest.

Shall we go on an excursion?

This is undoubtedly the most special event for the students, the possibility of doing a different and fun activity with their classmates. At PortAventura World, everything is arranged to make the excursion memorable: not only the fantastic attractions and shows, but also the theming, which allows you to get to know such incredible parts of the world as the Chinese wall, a village of the ancient Far West, the bell tower of Venice or the Colosseum in Rome, as well as the Aztec culture. A geography lesson as you have never imagined it before!

Or are we going on a trip?

Year after year, thousands of students culminate their school year with the most special cherry on top, the end-of-year trip; an experience full of emotions that they will remember forever. PortAventura World offers all the ingredients to turn your trip into an experience that is hard to beat. A resort that offers access to PortAventura Park every day of the stay, including arrival and departure days, plus one day’s access to Ferrari Land. But this is not all. The experience continues in high quality accommodations with the best services available: our 4-star resort hotels, themed in the different areas of PortAventura Park. In addition, the full board stay includes lunch at PortAventura Park, to make the experience even more comfortable and practical.

At PortAventura World we believe that a more sustainable world is possible and that we can all contribute by contributing ideas and changing habits to improve our environment. It is the small gestures that initiate big changes. All you need is a good idea, teamwork and a good dose of enthusiasm to carry out projects that make your world more sustainable. We trust in your ideas and that is why we have created the Make your world more sustainable school contest for you to develop projects in the categories of Renewable Energy, Zero Waste, Climate Change, Biodiversity or Waste in the Sea that are adapted to your environment and with the aim of implementing them in your school and helping to achieve a more sustainable world. More information at: school contest. portaventuraworld.com Let’s build a better future together. Will you join the challenge?

Video: https://youtu.be/Rh4-bPRI9Gk
Find out more at: https://concursoescolar.portaventuraworld.com/

PortAventura EcoEduca’s new educational program complements the classroom curriculum with practical and interactive workshops. The topics are focused on biodiversity and zero waste, have a duration of 50 minutes and are led by experts in each of the subjects developed. These workshops are completely free of charge. If you visit the park, do not hesitate to ask for them.

For more information about the EcoEduca educational program, email ecoeduca@portaventura.es

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiKId6JPdIo
Find out more at: https://www.portaventuraworld.com/blog/portaventura-ecoeduca-para-un-futuro-mas-sostenible

Visiting PortAventura World is one of the best experiences there is for any school or institute. Students and teachers will have a great time traveling from Mediterrània to China, passing through Mexico, Polynesia and Far West. You will be able to visit every corner of PortAventura Park, attend the park’s shows and enjoy all the attractions.

More information at: https://www.portaventuraworld.com/grupos/grupos-escolares

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