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Innovamat is an educational proposal that aims to promote competent, personalized and practical learning of mathematics. Aimed at boys and girls between 3 and 16 years old, it prioritizes the understanding of the contents and the development of mathematical skills linked to problem solving, promoting the learning of this discipline through experimentation, conversation and individualized practice. In this sense, Innovamat offers sequenced learning trajectories, resources, training and support to the educational community, led by experts in mathematics teaching, the science of mathematical learning.
Founded in 2017 in Barcelona, Innovamat has 15,000 teachers from more than 2,000 educational centers in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, who teach mathematics in a competent and meaningful way to more than 350,000 students.

Tekman Education is creativity, enthusiasm, daring and excellence.

Specializing in the teaching of mathematics and languages, tekman Education is a pioneer in educational and pedagogical innovation, which applies quality interactive methodologies to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of students and teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Understanding education as a scientific method to develop critical thinking, its main mission is to make children grow and prepare them to be critical, competent and protagonists of their future. That is why all its programs are based on manipulation, emotional education, attention to diversity and reinforcement of social skills.

Tekman Education is creativity, illusion, daring and excellence, without forgetting respect, responsibility and honesty, which make them believe in their contribution to a better world. Founded in 2009 in Barcelona, it continues to grow and is currently present in more than 1,500 educational centers in Spain and Latin America, where more than 45,000 teachers teach its programs. More than half a million children learn with tekman!

Sumo education

Sumo Edu is a platform for teachers, a complete creative toolkit of 8 easy-to-use apps compatible with suggested lesson plans.
The platform enables teachers to teach students important academic and life skills that build self-confidence and future competencies. With Sumo’s creative tools, the teacher can help students discover their unique abilities and talents in a fun, exciting and engaging way.

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