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ODILO is an educational solutions company that offers institutions a customized platform that draws from the world’s largest catalog of content.

Already more than 8,500 organizations and 19 Ministries of Education have created their own customized learning environment for more than 170 million users in more than 52 countries.

  • We have more than 4 million multi-format resources in 43 languages from more than 000 leading providers.
  • We offer different learning situations in a structured way, including multi-format contents, exercises, videoconferences and information focused on fostering learning based on different methodologies.

An “All-in-One” Intelligent Ecosystem that eliminates friction and adapts to the needs and interests of each person: teachers, students and families. In addition, thanks to Business Intelligence, it allows the tracking of progress and measurement of each student’s results to facilitate data-driven decision making.

Instructional design services to adapt the different learning situations to the needs of each institution, managing user dynamization and motivation services.


Instructional design services to adapt the different learning situations to the needs of each institution, managing user dynamization and motivation services. Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 16, it prioritizes the understanding of content and the development of mathematical skills linked to problem solving, encouraging the learning of this discipline through experimentation, conversation and individualized practice. In this sense, Innovamat offers sequenced learning trajectories, resources, training and accompaniment to the educational community, from the hand of experts in mathematics didactics, the science of mathematical learning.
Founded in 2017 in Barcelona, Innovamat has 15,000 teachers from more than 2,000 educational centers in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, who teach mathematics competently and meaningfully to more than 350,000 students.

Tekman Education is creativity, enthusiasm, daring and excellence.

Specializing in the teaching of mathematics and languages, tekman Education is a pioneer in educational and pedagogical innovation, which applies quality interactive methodologies to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of students and teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Understanding education as a scientific method to develop critical thinking, its main mission is to make children grow and prepare them to be critical, competent and protagonists of their future. That is why all its programs are based on manipulation, emotional education, attention to diversity and reinforcement of social skills.

Tekman Education is creativity, enthusiasm, daring and excellence, without forgetting respect, responsibility and honesty, which make them believe in their contribution to a better world. Founded in 2009 in Barcelona, it continues to grow and is currently present in more than 1,500 educational centers in Spain and Latin America, where more than 45,000 teachers teach its programs. More than half a million children learn with tekman!

Medicina por Europa

At Medicina Por Europa we are dedicated to providing help to students who do not make the cut-off mark for access to medicine or dentistry in the Spanish system.

We have agreements with more than 25 European universities, and are present in 12 European countries where the medical or dental career is studied entirely in English, with no cut-off marks.

Our programs are aligned with the Bologna plan, which means that the career has a duration of 6 years and a total of 360 credits, comparable to the training in Spain. Upon completion, students receive their degree in approximately 10 days through the Spanish Ministry of Health, which allows them to sit for the MIR exam in Spain or they can request the transfer of their transcripts to Spanish universities if they meet the minimum number of credits required.

Medicine For Europe manages each stage of the process, from start to finish: Informative meetings, Personalized study of universities, Preparation for the admission process, Registration for admission tests, Communication of results, Comprehensive management of the administrative process, Advice on accommodation, Connection with the Spanish community at the host university…

Contact us and get information, do not miss out on your place to study at the best universities in the European Union.

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