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Comprehensive insurance program for schools

Alkora is one of the leading insurance brokers in the world. The company is a leader in the Spanish market, thanks to its high degree of professionalism, both in insurable risk solutions for Companies and Groups as well as for Individuals, with complete independence to seek and negotiate the best insurance for its clients among the most solvent insurance companies in the market, and with total autonomy in terms of strategies, decisions and means, always seeking Quality of Service as an objective.

We are a Multi-specialist broker, We provide the widest range of possibilities for the analysis and placement of risks in a large number of sectors such as: aviation, construction and energy, sports federations, distribution and food, education, vehicle fleets, logistics and transportation, heavy machinery, professional associations and schools, public agencies and financial institutions.

Since its foundation in 1997, the company has been working under the motto “Ensuring the present and guaranteeing the future of its clients”, based on the following factors that are its hallmarks: Independence, client service, trust, experience, innovation and proactivity, and teamwork.

We offer a high level of service at national and international level by being part of the Verspieren International Network that is present in more than 135 countries, the objective of this network is to provide the best service to all customers and accompany them in their national and international developments and operations.

Our main asset is our team of professionals, with a great implication, dedication and experience that allow an integral and global vision of the client.

Alkora has an EDUCATION UNIT specialized in the treatment of risks related to the education sector, which currently provides services to more than 1,200 schools throughout the country. From our regional offices, a team of professionals offers schools its extensive experience in the management of INSURANCE PROGRAMS for schools, kindergartens, academies and university centers, helping them to obtain the most suitable coverage at the best possible cost and intervening for the defense of their interests in the management of the claim files before the insurance companies.

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