CICAE is an Association of Private and Independent Schools in Spain with international projection whose main goal is to defend and promote independent education.

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Institutional agreements with leading organizations in the education sector Continuous participation of associates in work commissions Presence in the key management and administration bodies of the sector

CICAE is an independent private national schools association and international projection whose main goal is to defend and promote independent education.

The best education for your children


The best education for your children



IV Liga de Debate CICAE-UCJC

Intercambio de experiencias de aprendizaje

XIII Encuentro de Benchmarking

Viaje de Investigación Pedagógica Singapur 2020

Asamblea General de asociados

Informe PISA for Schools

VI Juegos Deportivos CICAE

El Reto del Aprendizaje Digital

Testimonials from our partners

Slide "Cooperation among schools, students, teachers and experts in education. Innovation. Pedagogical news Training. And above all, more opportunities for our students so they can learn beyond the classroom, together with colleagues from other centers and teachers who want to learn with them. CICAE offers us all this and much more. " St. Peter´s School Slide "CICAE provides an excellent meeting place for private education in Spain. A space to confront, together, their numerous challenges and to share best management practices and educational leadership, betting on pedagogical innovation and defending our valuable contribution to society. " Institución Educativa SEK Slide "Belonging to CICAE is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among the best private schools in Spain and internationally, with the aim of maintaining the high threshold of educational excellence that characterize our centers. " Brains International School Slide "CICAE supposes for our school ESTUDIO a forum of meeting with other private schools that, although in some cases we are very different, we share common objectives and interests." CICAE supposes a breath of fresh air because it makes us leave our schools and our day to day proposing very interesting activities so that we are more and better informed, keep learning, and therefore continue to improve our schools." Colegio Estudio Slide "In its history, CICAE has revealed itself as a very useful instrument in the defense of private education of excellence in Spain, its activity, work and dedication have given visibility to the private schools that integrate this organization, putting it in the forefront of current affairs. our interests, concerns or aspirations, the latter always aimed at creating a quality educational system that can benefit both our students, as the rest of the members of the educational community." Institución Los Sauces

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