Ausolan presents DECIDERE, the dining room, less dining room

Decidere was born out of listening to teenage boys and girls who have been eating in school dining halls for years and want something different. After the pandemic, we noticed that middle and high school students were fed up with rigid rules and schedules, they wanted more freedom to enjoy their meal times. The pandemic had highlighted a different kind of autonomy through confinement. They wanted a say in what they ate.

With the help of the University of Mondragon, we set out to address this challenge from the point of view of the students themselves. We wanted to find innovative ideas that would meet their needs. Thus Decidere was born, to reinvent the way we eat in schools, especially in secondary and high schools, where there have been many recent changes. Decidere does not replace the traditional canteen, it complements it and makes it possible to attend to the needs of adolescent populations that otherwise would have to abandon school dining halls.

With Decidere we want to offer a service that adapts to this new scenario, more flexible and people-centred, with personalised options, digitalisation and sustainability. Aspects in high demand among teenagers – Generation Z.

Decidere is an additional service at the school, which allows students to choose what to eat and where. This involves having a kitchen in the school to prepare alternative dishes to the school menu, as well as a space to collect the food and another place to eat outside the regular dining hall.

We also provide an APP so that families can always know what their children are eating. They themselves will be able to choose their own food.

Decidere is a project developed in collaboration with the Mondragon Unibertsitatea.


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