Requirements for Admission of Members

The requirements that must be met to be an associate of CICAE, which are mentioned in Art. 7 Cap. II “Admission of Members” of the Statutes of the Association are:

  • Being a company, entity or organization dedicated to private education, not concerted and not financed with public funds. Therefore, in order to highlight the identity and needs of this type of education within the national education system, the centers that are funded and / or funded by public funds are expressly excluded from this association.
  • Be holders of educational centers that provide all educational levels (Children, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate) and have at least two classes per course and an age of 10 years.
  • Likewise, the admission committee will assess its decision according to the fulfillment of some of the following criteria:
    1. Have implemented a management model by processes and continuous improvement.
    2. Have pedagogical and innovation projects in different areas.
    3. Demonstrate the use of information technologies in teaching practice.
    4. Participate in international educational and / or exchange programs.
    5. Demonstrate a good track record in the results of official external tests and academic evaluation results.
    6. Having obtained external recognition from the school or its alumni in recent years.
    7. Participate in projects of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

      The application for admission must be endorsed by another associated institution, which must be cited in the new enrollment application.