What is CICAE?

CICAE is an Association of Private and Independent Schools in Spain with international projection whose main goal is to defend and promote independent education. CICAE’s foundation lays on the concern of a group of professionals involved in private education all over Spain to better defend its position in the educational sector.

Constituted in september of 2010 and promoted by nine educational institutions of foremost quality and prestige, it groups 35 institutions representing 54 schools with more than 55.000 students from different autonomous regions of Spain.

It promotes a ground for a variety of institutions with many years of experience, joined by the common strive to improve the quality of education, aspiring to grow and take in the majority of Spain’s best private schools.

CICAE aims to encourage educational debate, to propose and share initiatives and ideas that contribute to improve education in our country and to bring out the importance of private education as an essential entity in Spain.

Member Admissions Information


CICAE is a private schools association for the promotion and development of independent education that contrinutes to the improvement of teaching.


  • To be recognized by society as a distinguished association for the leadership in education of its members.
  • Promote improvement and adaptation of our members towards the educational and social reality of the 21st century.
  • Encourage the debate around education amongst civil society.
  • Be a point of reference for parents in the process of choosing a school.
  • Be the main representative of private education.


  • Compromise with quality and improvement of education.
  • Freedom of ideology and thought amongst its members.
  • Political and economic independence.
  • Defense of academic excellence
  • Promote continuous learning and innovation.


  1. CICAE is an instrument to defend independent education, seeking to clarify to society the importance of the difference between private and sponsored schools.
    We consider that institutions which receive sponsorship by the state, should be non-profit entities, following the general rule that private business cannot be made with public money.
  2. The association seeks to be the site for the exchange of good educational practices, search of new methodologies, evaluation of pedagogical systems, teacher training and schools organization systems. Conferences, seminars, debates and training courses as well as field trips on compared pedagogy will be organized.
  3. Our Association welcomes all Institutions sharing the same foundational objectives regarding high quality education and of foremost quality and prestige in educational sector.
  4. As an elite group with a broad vision of education and solid experience we share the conviction that the future of every country will depend on the quality of education. Therefore, we will stand to defend what we consider beneficial for education in Spain.
  5. We claim an upper level of autonomy for schools of high quality education as well as direct funding to families who do not choose institutions sponsored with public funds.

Our schools need to be free from the logical barriers imposed by dependance of public funding. Consequently, we pretend a better level of autonomy in schools organization and more freedom in design and curriculum development.

Understanding education as a right, families that choose private independent schools are saving costs to the State. Therefore, we demand tax benefits or bonuses during compulsory education stages.

Ethical Code

CICAE as an association

Associated schools of CICAE are characterized by their vocation in providing quality educational services to families who have trusted them and, through this document, states that:

  1. It will respect, in any case, the business options taken by its partners and its line of action will always be that of non-interference in the internal affairs of its members.
  2. Maintain a neutral attitude in the face of conflicts between two or more partners.
  3. It will always be constituted only by private institutions, that is, not supported by public funds.
As members of CICAE
  1. We are committed to sharing as much information as we can that may be relevant to the future of our sector.
  2. We will try to take advantage of as many occasions as we can find to make known the aims of our association.
  3. We will defend before third parties any CICAE member that is being unfairly attacked.
  4. We will comply scrupulously with our legal, fiscal and labor obligations.
Regarding relations between partners
  1. They should always be based on trust, sincerity and good faith. We understand that lying and deception are banned practices of an association whose purpose is to share and collaborate for the improvement of private education.
  2. Given that the institutions that make up CICAE develop their work in the same business sector, it is possible that competition situations will occasionally arise between them. It is the commitment of the members of the association to base this competition on respect and fair play.
  3. Unless expressly authorized, the members of the association will not use any other information they have had access to in other benchmarking activities and other ways of sharing information against another CICAE member / s. This information is shared among the different centers in a confidential manner and within the framework of respect, trust and mutual support.
  4. Each members of CICAE will attempt to hire employees of other members of the association. This commitment supposes:
  • Don´t take any initiative to contact employees of CICAE member schools with the intention of hiring them for your organization.
  • If you are an employee of a school associated with CICAE contact your account with another school of our association and this school will be interested in incorporating it into your organization, you will be informed immediately so that you can follow the selection process that you choose to:

a)Communicate to your school that you are opting for a position in another CICAE member school and that we have asked you to report it to your current destination.
b) Access to be the partner school that has received him as a candidate, which will immediately inform the other member of CICAE of such circumstance.
c) In any case, it will be the worker’s option to decide whether to continue or not opting for the job.

      • The members of CICAE will be agile, faithful and truthful in case another member of CICAE asks us for references about employees or clients, always respecting the limits of confidentiality and the provisions of the LOPD.
      • CICAE partners are committed not to speak in negative terms of another partner school and will make sure that their employees follow this guideline. In case of receiving a request for a recommendation on another educational center, they must respond: “Anyone from CICAE”.




D. Enrique Maestu​ Unturbe

Vice President


Dña. Nieves Segovia

Vice President


D. Gabriel Castellano



Dña. Pilar Sainz



D. Vicente Fuster



Elena Cid




D. Ángel de la Vega Uhagón



D.Luis Manuel Tolmos



D. Miguel Cendegui Gimeno



D. Luis Jerónimo Andrádes



D. Roberto Martín García



D. Rafael Barea Roig



D. Josep María Ginjaume Culell