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Best Schools in Spain

Best Schools in Spain’s schools are of the utmost quality and serve as models in Spain for their excellent academic results. Our schools are committed to the continuous innovation and formation of new methodologies in order to reach the highest rankings in educational excellence.

In the most recent study done by Pisa For Schools, Best Schools in Spain’s centers were evaluated in comparison to other Spanish academic centers as well as other schools in the OCDE (Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico). The results demonstrated that our schools are highly superior in comparison to other Spanish schools, in addition to exceeding results from schools in Finland, Japan and Korea. Best Schools in Spain is dedicated to providing an elite experience in worldwide education.

In addition to programs in Spanish, Best Schools in Spain offers a large number of centers with international curricula, such as International Bachillerato (IB), or the British Curriculum (GCSE and A Levels). Due to this, our schools are accustomed to accepting foreign students and are always open to providing them with educational programs that adapt to their individual needs.

Best Schools in Spain’s schools possess modern structures that collaborate with international residencies for students from all different parts of the world. Additionally, our schools recognize the importance of athletic activities, sport and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, our schools offer different athletic spaces and programs directed at promoting sport and exercise amongst our students.

Studying in one of Best Schools in Spain’s schools provides students with the certainty that they are studying in a model school that offers the best quality educational programming in the country.